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In 1911, Baden-Powell took the first steps in training Scouting's adult leaders by organizing a series of lectures for Scouters. He made great strides in the years that followed, culminating in 1919 with the establishment of Wood Badge training. Wood Badge recipients now number more than 100,000 and can be found in all corners of the world.

The 21st Century Wood Badge course brings together leaders from all areas of Scouting - Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturing, and all levels of BSA's professional staff.  Reflecting the best of nearly a century of Scouting experience, 21st Century Wood Badge also draws upon the most current leadership models being used by corporate America, academic circles, and successful outdoor leadership organizations throughout the country.

The Wood Badge course is designed to represent a month in the life of a Scout unit, with participants entering as Cub Scouts, then bridging into Boy Scouting to form patrols for the remainder of the program.  Participants take part in numerous presentations, discussions, and activities that explore and advance a wide range of leadership philosophies and tools. In addition to all the opportunities for learning at a Wood Badge course, participants will find a tremendous amount of fellowship, a keen sense of accomplishment, and plenty of fun.

Wood Badge Training will help you become a more effective leader.  Participants learn leadership techniques in a living, hands-on environment. You will be able to apply all you learn to any Scouting role that you currently have or may undertake in the future.

The lessons learned in the course will also benefit you in both your personal and business lives.  Many former participants report they use the lessons and techniques learned at Wood Badge training at work as much, if not more, than they do in their scouting positions.

For many years, Scouters have considered Wood Badge to be a highpoint in their scouting lives.  From its inception in 1919, it has served as a source of training and inspiration to many thousands of scout leaders around the world.  In return, those participants have positively affected the lives of literally millions of scouts.  By the many traditions of the Wood Badge course, you will be tied to all those that preceded you and all those in courses to follow.



“No one can pass through life, any more than he can pass through a bit of country, without leaving tracks behind, and those tracks may often be helpful to those coming after him in finding their way.”

Lord Baden-Powell


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